Alexander Forbes


Alexforbes Investment wanted to renew and re-establish their multi-manager investment position. This should be more than reminding the market that multi-manager investments is central to Alexforbes’ proposition – it should answer the “Why Alexforbes?” question.

As investment specialist whose core focus is multi-management, Alexforbes Investment is built for delegated multi-manager investment portfolios: with a long and rich history of proven experience, proprietary research, teams of specialists, purpose-built operations and understanding the impact of investor behaviour.

Our campaign concept and positioning was to communicate to market that multi-management was so deeply part of their proposition that it was literally part of their DNA. Which became central to the creative and messaging executions – using DNA sequencing graphics.

The concept of the DNA strand took inspiration from the architectural details seen in the facade of the Alexander Forbes building in Sandton.

The building blocks of good retirement fund outcomes.